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9-12 October 2019 Maskerade




Well done Jan I thought you was so good xx  


Jon Mapp - that casting for Esme and Gytha looks spot on.


Shirley McMichael - looks fabulous


Cloud Singh - Casting perfection


Keith - The practical effects and puppetry were really effective.  Well Done!


Martha Berry - Thank you so much for sharing.  It has been too long since I read the novel, but I could definitely name some of the characters on sight.  The Nanny Ogg caught the mischief perfectly and I could see Granny Weatherwax in the posture and gestures.  Agnes was just too thin but otherwise good.


Douglas Sutherland-Bruce - that really looks amazingly good.  The costumes are superb


Susan Owen - Congratulations on the show, great performances... and Sarah you look great!


Bethan Campbell - Well done all in Maskerade. We loved the show. Jan Ho in particular as Nanny Ogg was a favourite for me.  Erin (age 9) was laughing quite a bit although she was confused about the "pudding scene"...kept asking me what was happening and I just kept saying they're very hot!!  Also well done Will Charlotte Hawkes Death of Rats a triumph.


Jane Hughes - Massive well done to everyone involved in Maskerade.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  Hope the rest of the week goes well


Teresa - Thoroughly enjoyed it - loved the rapport between the two witches - And the accents!!


Gemma - The show was amazing and funny.  The fun, effort, joy and passion was shown in the performance.  The messages came through about life and how to live it merged well with the comedy.  Well done to you all and I have you have more fun next time.


Jo Hickman - Just a note to say how much we enjoyed Maskerade.  It was great fun and very professional.  Everyone did a great job with apparently no nerves or errors even tho we went on the first night.  Great costumes too and clever scenery.  Well done.  It was the first time that we had been to the Bob Hope Theatre so we had no idea what we it was like but we were quite impressed.  A lovely intimate theatre with clean modern facilities.


Carmela Belandres - Very well done - Great job


Deb Norton - Well done Eldorado for a great show last night - esp Jan Ho!


Barry Pavey - Well done for last night, we thought Nanny Ogg was brilliant, as was Walter and Mr Pounder (Steptoe!) Salzseller sounded like Richard Wilson (I don't believe it!).


Lilly Prall - Really enjoy show masquerade! Great cast , especially christine ( kirstine ) very proud of my daughter


Liz - We thoroughly enjoyed Friday evening Andrée and full credit to the cast who were superb - you in particular. Really don't know how you remembered all your lines! Jan Ho made a lovely Nanny Ogg and did brilliantly as did all the cast. Dave was made for the part of Dr. Undershaft and the hair suited him well I can see back combing will become a part of his daily routine from now on hehe!


Hi all what a show , brilliant performances by all . Well done. You made a wonderful witch . Can’t wait for the next production"