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Keith Neville - Dear Larissa, my congratulations to you and Eldorado for bringing to the stage a very difficult and demanding productions of "9 to 5".  I saw this show 2 years ago in Colorado done by a professional company and your production was far, far superior.  It was lively and vivacious but above all the characters were so well acted.  Great performances from everyone.  A real credit to the amateur theatre. xx




Lawrence Smith - Ava and I thoroughly enjoyed it


Katie Townsend - It was so good!


Carole Cox - Words fail me, could have sat through it all again, well done peeps, Wayne very good but you were all superb xxxxxx


Kevin Gauntlett - Well done larissa, really enjoyed it .... 3 perfect leads


Annabel - Just wanted to say a massive well done to everyone involved in 9-5 (i thought Jeanette was getting it all wrong singing 5-9 Haha!!!)  I really enjoyed every minute of it and it was such a feel good show.  Sound/lights were brilliant, scene changes were fab, band was great and the cast were super.  Well done everyone!  I love Eldorado and you can see on stage that everyone enjoyed beign a part of it too!  Miss you all xxx


9 to 5: the Musical - 6th - 9th April 2016



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Sarah Leanne Howe... Just want to say a massive well done to Eldorado for last nights show of 9-5! You could just see the amount of time and energy put in to this show! Was so happy to be back and seeing friends perform again you beauties did not disappoint! I was laughing out loud to the point of embarrassment hahaa! So a really big well done! Especially to the three lovely leading ladies! You never disappoint! And Larissa Webb was so good to see you on the stage! This was the first time since Footloose haha! Amazing! Well done again everyone

Shan Lawrence - Eldorado you are all a joy. A week of friendship, fun and laughter is not a tonic available to buy so I feel a very lucky girl. Mwah xxx


Mo Hudson - Brilliant show Larissa and the fun and friendship shined through xx


Betty Francis - it was a lovely show Larissa.  Well done xxx


@br04dw4y848y - Wow!!! What a week.  Really reminded me of what Am Dram is all about .... FRIENDSHIP, FUN & TEAMWORK!!


Alyssa Mears.... Such a pleasure seeing the power trio on stage tonight. Well done Larissa Webb Annalise Taryn Webb and Jane Kerfoot! You were amazing!!! Also, Gary Grinham - your bunny outfit nearly beats Mr.Pinky!!!

Louisa Dodd...Well done to everyone involved in 9 to 5. It was amazing and we all really enjoyed it. I was singing along at the back. Good luck tomorrow for your last two performances!!


Krystyna Newburrie - Brilliant show last night!!! Thank you for the hard work and effort that went into making it such an enjoyable evenings entertainment - not to mention all that tallent in one place! The acting, the singing, the dancing, the costumes, the live music - what a great combo!!  The Judy, Doralee & Violet numbers almost blew the tops of our heads off, and the humour and timing was so "spot on" that we could have been watching a professionally staged show.  A huge pat on the back to everyone involved!  Larissa - never mind all that directing and choreography, we need to see you on the stage more often!  Annalise, Dolly Parton would have been proud of you - we are!!!


Linda Moore Thank you for wonderful night on Friday night we thoroughly enjoyed the how


Maria Berry - What a fab week! Thanks to all the talented cast, band and crew of 9 to 5 for making the show so much fun.  There was such a lovely atmosphere back stage with everyone working together.  Eldorado... not only did you put on a great show but you continue to provide a warm, inviting feel that makes people want to be a part of it and most importantly, have fun because that's what it's all about.  Thanks to all our friends and family for coming to support us this week and for laughing and clapping in all the right places.  Missing my dressing room buddies already!


Cinthea Wythe - Congratulations to the very talented cast of 9-5 The Musical on a great show.  I met some lovely characters backstage and caught up with some old friends.  I really enjoyed helping out.


Jennifer Harrison - Great Show - Well Done!


Georgine Lowe - Congratulations to Jane Kerfoot, Annalise Webb, Larissa Webb, Richard Cooper, Will Hawkes, Charlotte Summers, Josh Grinham, Gary Grinham, Rose Walker and the rest of the cast of 9 to 5 for putting on a brilliant show.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.


Julie Draper - Had an amazing night last night - well done to all involved.  I won a raffle prize too :)


Darren Knight - Well done Larissa, Katrina and all the cast and crew - great fun and lively production.  Enjoy the rest of your run.


Elaine Mason - Amazing show - loved every minute!


Carole Macfarlane - We thoroughly enjoyed Eldorado's 9 to 5, the Musical tonight.  Great performances from everyone, good fun entertainment, that to all for a top night out Cxxx


Caroline Harvey - Brilliant night Diane - really enjoyed it


Phoebe Earing - We really enjoyed it!


Bobby Youle - Well done everyone in 9 to 5 tonight - a great fun show!  Go and get your tickets.  Have a great run ya'll!!!


Zoe Range - Amazing show tonight!  You did amazing Nancy & Paris!!!!! xx


Nicola Berry - Huge well done to Eldorado Musical Productions for 9 to 5, it's a really fabulous show!  Big shout out to my extremely talented brother, paul Berry for his fabulous MD skills and my very talented sister in law maria berry you were brilliant!!  Although I now can't get 9 to 5 out of my head!!! Sorry to everyone I will annoy because I'll be humming it all day!


Chloe Leigh - "OHMEYGOWDDDD" Well done Nancy, Paris and the rest of the cast - it was amazing :)


Marcia Hinds -Well done Eldorado crew!! Excellent show.  So much fun.  Enjoy the rest of the run! x


Jan Ho - Congratulations to all in 9 to 5!  A very enjoyable evenings entertainment - I laughed a LOT!! - have a great rest of the run :) xx

DAODS - Break a leg to everyone at Eldorado Musical Productions


Jane Kerfoot - What a great opening night.  Had lovely feedback from my friends and family who were there.  Well done everyone.  Particular mention must go to the stage crew who really got to grips with that huge set.  Onwards and upwards!


Lyn Leeson - Well done all great opening night.  Band fantastic Mr Berry.  Such energy from the cast and scenery changes fab.  Wayne brilliant!! Larissa, Annalise, Jane, maria, Katrina, Jeanette, Chloe Diane and Richard great.  Nice to see Lauren back up on the stage.  Good luck for the rest of the week xxx

Sophie Sweeney - Break a leg for the show this week guys! Sorry I can't be there...have a brilliant run! XxX


Cory Wordlaw - Have an amazing run guys . Gutted I can't see it . If anyone has returns for the matinee please let me know !!!!! Xxx


Sarah Coleman - Break a leg this week folks. Hoping we can get to see you xx


Tom Harvey - Good Luck everyone! I'm looking forward to seeing it Thursday! Enjoy opening night! x

Neil Whittaker - I hope you all have a lovely time and are very good at acting singing and dancing especially on Friday when I'm coming to see you. Love Neil xx


Janine Kelly - Good luck to all in 9-5! Sorry I wont be able to see it, know it will be a great show x


Sally Rees - Best wishes to cast and crew of 9-5. Very much looking forward to seeing it on Friday xxx


Laurie Brown - Wishing you all a fabulous show week! Sadly, I don't have a free evening this week to get to see it  but I hope it all goes well xxx


Barry Knight - Very best of luck for all involved in 9-5. So sorry not to have a free night to see it. Have a fun time xx


Wendy Reynolds - Hi all in 9-5, good luck with your opening night, the week is gonna be good. Xx

Robin Kelly - Have a fab week! I'm sure you will be brilliant!


Penny Walsh - Good luck to all of you 9 to 5ers this week. Looking forward to getting a little bit Country on Wednesday!


Marcia Hinds - Have a great show week Eldorado crew! See you on Thursday. X


Carol McFarlane - Wishing everyone doing '9 to 5' this week lots of fun and laughs. Looking forward to seeing it, and you, on Saturday! Have a good band call and get-in today Cxx


Sheila Arden - We'll be thinking of you all this week- so sad to be missing it, but know it will be amazing. Break a leg everyone. Xx


Peter Fiorini - All the very best to Eldorado this evening on opening night of 9 to 5 -Break a leg Jane Kerfoot,Jacky Webb,Larissa Webb and all involved. Best wishes Peter & Liz Fiorini xxx


Jan Ho - Break a leg to all involved in '9to5'. See you tomorrow!! X


Kenny Guthrie - Good luck tonight everyone see you Thursday. X


The Ladykillers - 2nd - 5th November 2016


Maria Berry - A huge well done to all involved in Eldorado's Ladykillers. Really enjoyed watching it tonight.  Everyone on stage played their characters perfectly.  Good luck for the rest of the run.


Katrina Summerfield - A fab opening night for Eldorado's production of the Ladykillers and some wonderful character performances.  Huge congrats to Rose Walker and Bryan Randall and Stephen Milton in particular but everyone played their parts so well. Tickets are still available at #bobhopetheatre


Susie Lawrence - Good show guys.  Stephen you were Georgie from Mapp and Lucia.


Sharon Filmer - Well done guys.  Great opening night xxx


Jane Hughes - Hope you all had a wonderful opening night and have a great week.


Lyn Leeson - Break a leg all - have a fab week xxx


Sarah Coleman - break a leg this week. Hope to see you on Friday, hacking cough permitting


Sheila Arden - Cracking first night - well done all! Brilliant characterisation all round.  Enjoy the rest of the run.


Deborah Heard - Afternoon ladykillers!  Well done!  We were in last night and laughed HARD!! Knock em dead for the rest of the week xx


Larissa Webb - Massive well done to everyone involved in the Ladykillers - we laughed so hard and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Good luck for the rest of the week.


Carol Macfarlane - Well done the The Ladykillers - Bryan Randall, Keith Payne, Stephen Milton, John Adcock and Myles Ballisat.  And especially the Lady in question, Rose Walker as Mrs Wilberforce!  Thought you were all great, Cara Nancy and I laughed all the way through.  Special mention to Will 'I am a Cockatoo' Hawkes, PC Robin Collett and to the various 'old' ladies including Marion Terry, Diane Adcock, Wendy Reynolds and Di Hickman.  Barbara Archer, wonderfully entertaining direction (as usual) and Jackie Templeton, well, of course!


Andy Noakes - Ladykillers was really good well done everyone.  It was good to catch up with Myles in the pub afterwards.


Deb Norton - The characters you all players were so funny and so perfect.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.... couldn't believe that was you under that wig Rose Walker!! Want to watch the film again now xxx


Barry Knight - Well done to all in Ladykillers, have fun tomorrow xxx


Jeanette Wallis - Just wanted to say a huge well done to all those involved in Ladykillers... such a great bunch of characters... all very very funny. Chloe and I had a great evening.


Cary Wordlaw - Well done Stephen Milton, Bryan Randall, Keith Payne, Will Hawkes, Diane Adcock, Rose Walker and everyone else involved in Ladykillers.  Sorry I couldn't stay for a drink. Early start tomorrow xxx


Laurie Brown - Well done Stephen my lovely - you did make me laugh - especially with that dress!!  Hope to catch up with you soon, I miss you.  Enjoy your last two shows!


@ElthamArts - Congratulations Eldorado on the Ladykillers tonight @Bobhopetheatre.  Really enjoyed the production.


@NECOneweltham - Eldorado - brilliant production of the ladykillers tonight.  Came with a couple of necp members.  Congrats to all the cast.


Gary Grinham - Well done to all involved in Ladykillers what an enjoyable funny show.  Special mention to Rose Walker - you were fabulous daaarling!


Bobby Youle - Saw you guys yesterday afternoon and just wanted to say thank you for an enjoyable afternoon.  Great performances and loved seeing some of you playing bigger parts than I have seen before.  Well done all.  Lots of love xxx


Julie Forster - Eldorado just seen the fantastic Ladykillers at the Bob Hope Theatre - well done all.


Rose Walker - Feeling a bit sad that the Ladykillers is over.  Thank you to everyone - those who chose to cast me, those who made rehearsals so much fun, those who came and laughed, those who said such lovely things and supportted me - EVERYONE!  I love you all, I had such a great time and surprised myself by managing to learn so much dialogue!  The grey matter must be working after all!! Here's to the next one.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - 5th - 8th April 2017


Nicki Higgins - thoroughly enjoyed Eldorado's #dirtyrottenscoundrels at Bob hope theatre last night.


Linda Moore - please thank all the cast and back stage, wardrobe etc for a wonderful show. We really enjoyed it.


Nigel Taylor - I was at the Bob Hope Theatre tonight to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  It was the first time I have seen an Eldorado production, but certainly not the first time I have had the pleasure of a Wendy Reynolds show and it was up to her usual high standards.  An energetic cast with some fine singing (not that I have any proficiency in that area but it sounded good to me). And they were clearly having a great time.  Sarah Coleman in particular was an absolute hoot in her "Oklahoma Hoedown" part - a side of her I had not seen before.


Jane Hughes - Would like to wish all my friends in Eldorado a Very Happy and Successful show - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Enjoy x


Bromley Players - Break a leg to our friends at Eldorado this week with their production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. We can't wait to see it!


Simon Hinchley - Robson - Good luck all the cast and crew in the Eldorado production of Dirty rotten Scoundrels that takes to the stage st the Bob hope theatre tonight thru to Saturday — with Dave Hinchley-Robson at White Hart Pub, Carvery & Steakhouse Restaurant.


Kenny Guthrie - Well done to all involved in dirty rotten scoundrels tonight.  You've got a great show on your hands.  Very funny x


Kevin Garlick - So the only way of getting out of seeing your show Katrina Summerfield is to sign up for a gang show! Good luck this week hope the shows a success. Remember tits and teeth. Maria Berry Wayne Lawrence Shan Lawrence see you all soon xx


Paris - Wishing all my friends at Eldorado Musical Productions a fabulous run of dirty rotten scoundrels this week ! Looking forward to seeing you all tonight ! :)