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The Producers 21-24 March 2018


Gillian Noakes – I have never been prouder of my boy!! We all loved the show, the casting was perfect, the set, costumes, lighting and orchestra absolutely wonderful, the production terrific.  A terrific afternoon’s entertainment with so many hilarious moments.  Congratulations all!!


The Producers was one of the best shows I have ever seen from your company - an extraordinary amount of energy, exuberance and hard work.  And there were several quite remarkable performances.  I am so glad I came to see it.  Very well done.


Monica Pantazi – Great show last night, the Producers at the Bob Hope Theatre.  Well done, Myles and friends at the Eldorado society!


Susie Clarke – Huge congrats Andy, this part was made for you.


Helena Booer – Andy you were an absolute star hun! We totally loved it xxx


Shan Lawrence – Extremely entertaining, exuberant and ever endearing Eldorado (phew).  You lot are just a joy! A show to be very proud of and a cast and crew that give warmth, support and love to all those lucky enough to be involved.  Rest up guys – you deserve it x


Cheryl DeBie – Amazing performance by Andy Noakes in The Producers! Totally nailed it, you were the real King of Broadway! Well done to everyone in the show, it was brilliant and so much energy and fun went into it.  Loved Wayne Morgan Williams as Roger too, you sparkled darling! X


Julian Haslam – Fantastic show!


Gill Parys – A real treat!


Paul Dovey – What a fantastic evening with tears of laughter! And my son’s band was pretty good too!!


Jane Kathryn Cooper – Great Show! Glad you enjoyed


Stephen Milton – Congratulations to all involved with The Producers, a great night of fun and entertainment, with some wonderful performances, and lots of laughs.  Andy you were brilliant – a huge part but you made it look effortless x


Jackie Templeton – Well done all.  First outing in the evening for me for a while and just the sort of entertainment I needed.  Some great performances and a good laugh.  Just sorry I wasn’t able to be one of the old ladies!


Sarah Coleman – Congratulations to all of you for The Producers.  We laughed so much, especially at Wayne Lawrence in his tights! Well done everyone x


Sharon Filmer – Well done Eldorado on your production of The Producers.  Lovely to see many familiar faces as well as some new ones.  Superb costumes, a great band and some memorable individual performances.  Diane Adcock your overlooked chorus girl with the ruddy cheeks was a scream, Andy Noakes as Max was excellent.  Will Hawkes what can I say – pure comic genius.  Congratulations to everyone involved.


Wendy Williams – was not sure what to expect from The Producers but must say what an amazing show.  There’s usually a weak link but not here.  Wayne Morgan Williams was his usual brilliant self but must also say Andy and Scott were amazing.  In fact, the cast put on a wonderfully entertaining show, well done – well worth the travel from Spain.


Elaine Mason – Eldorado you smashed it! Loved the show each and everyone of you were great – so proud to have seen all our friends up there.  A favourite show and I wasn’t disappointed, the casting, costumes, direction and choreography all attributed to a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday night.  Well done.


Simon Hinchley-Robson – We had such an awesome evening.  Thankyou everyone it has to be one of the best shows.  Be so proud each and everyone one involved.


Rosanna Keogh – Watching our gorgeous girl Maria strutting her stuff on stage. She was brilliant, and we are so proud of her.


Robin Kelly – Another NODA duty – and pleasurable one at that.  Congratulations to everyone involved.  Great to see level of support from other societies in the audience too.


Dom Lucas – that was really good.  Excellent performances all round.  Well done Sarah Will Wayne Scott Andy Larissa and all the cast and creatives.


Sheila Arden – Well done everyone involved in The Produces – a very enjoyable evening.