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One Man Two Guvnors - 4-7 October 2017


Diane Adcock - My friends parents came to see the show and wrote to me afterwards.  "What a lovely show; we both enjoyed it so much.  We did not stop laughing.  You must have all enjoyed doing the show.  Will Hawkes was great - where does he get his energy from?  and of course the band was also great.  Please let us know how happy they made us feel"


Barry White - Well done to everyone involved with 1man2governors.  You put your own stamp on this show and made it your own and did Eldorado proud.  Audience involvement was well done and I'm sure unexpected by many as I'm also sure was the high level of comedy excellently put across.  Alas not a huge audience but no doubt those who came will be talking about this show for some time.


Marion Terry - Just what I needed, a really good laugh.  Thank you Barbara and all your cast - great.


Suzie Clarke - Barbara Congratulations on such a great show - so funny - reminded me of my own family in the 60s (yes we were a bit East End!!)  Fabulous cast - well done to them all - and loved the band so much.  Thank you for a great afternoon's entertainment.


Keith Neville - Well deserved praise! Pass on my congratulations to the cast for a very enjoyable show.  They all worked so well as a team


Stuart Pinel - Really great show


Rose Walker - Thanks to all the cast!  The stresses were well and truly sent packing!! A great play.  Well done all.  You should be proud of yourselves.


Hiran De Silva - Will Hawkes you were amazing! And the rest of you did a great job too!!  Entertained.


Scott Slater - Well done to everyone involved. Tonight was a brilliant show


Lyn Leeson - Well done everyone!!! Huge congratulations to all.  My face hurts from laughing so much.  Sarah, Will!!! Then my husband came on the stage and I thought hysteria was setting in - real belly laughs.  Katrina, Bryan, John, Diane, great, just well done everybody.  The guys in the skiffle group were smashing!


Brenda Turner - What a fantastic night's entertainment with the extremely talented Sarah Coleman playing Roscoe/Rachael in One Man Two Guvnors.  If I could tag Will Hawkes I would as he gave an absolute knockout (almost literally) performance as Francis.  Well done to all the cast, skiffle band and director Barbara - I laughed and laughed all evening.  And well done to your patsy Katrina - what a good sport!


Leigh Joyce - Congratulations Eldorado on a thoroughly entertaining performance of One Man Two Guvnors.  Great performance all round. Loved the skiffle band.  Will Hawkes you were incredible. I nearly wet myself with laughter at Ian Leeson's performance ... yes that was me laughing!! #tenaladiesneeded


Beattie Slavin - One man Two Guvnors a triumph!  Outrageous! Hilarious! One night left don't miss it.


Sheila Arden - A thoroughly enjoyable evening.  Congratulations to all concerned but especially Will Hawkes - what a tour de force!


Jackie Templeton - what a great evening spent watching Eldorado's one Man Two Guvnors at BHT tonight.  Brilliant play, great performances and direction. Loved the skiffle band.  2 more performances to go - if you want a good laugh go see it.


Maria Berry - A huge well done to everyone involved in "one man two guvs" tonight.  I hurt from laughing.  So proud of Eldorado. I loved every minute.  It was lovely to see Ian leeson back on the stage but I have to also give a special mention to the talented Will Hawkes who was amazing in the lead role.  Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


Stephen Milton - Saw Eldorado's 1Man2Guvs tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Very funny and so entertaining. Well done to all involved.  Barbara Archer - loved your direction. The whole cast were great, Ian Leeson almost stealing the show!! but Will hawkes you were bloody brilliant, best thing I have ever seen you do.  Enjoy your final 2 perfomances.


Larrisa Webb - Fabulous evening of proper belly laughs!!! Very proud of Eldorado and super proud of Will Hawkes and co - Congratulations all!


Sally Cross - Thanks for last nights perofrmance - you put lots of smiles on our faces.


Nicky Higgins - Wow what an absolutely amazing show!! If you haven't seen it yet you really must go and see Eldorado's  One Man Two Guvs at BHT.  It's a triumpt!! Huge congratulations to the cast and crew for putting on one of the best things I've seen on stage in ages.  Very, very funny and superbly well done.  We had a great night out.


Sophie Sweeney - A massive congratulations to Eldordao on their performance of ~1man2guvs  Laughed the night away.  Special mention to Will Hawkes - you are one bloody talented man!


Andy Noakes - Had a good evening watching one man two guvnors - well done to Will, Charlotte and Myles and the rest of the cast.


Suzie Lawrence - well done, all of you, but especially the tour de force that is Will Hawkes.


Sabrina Bell - Well done you guys! Was funny and great congrats everyone from me.


Marsten York - thoroughly enjoyed tonights opener.  Great energy, loads of laughs.  Highly recommended for removing the blues.  Music was good too.  Well done all and big props to the Willmeister!!


Roland Bearne - Well what a joy that was!!  Huge congratulations to all.  Big belly laughs, awesome set pieces and an infectious feeling of all pervasive fun!!  What a great show you have.  Have an absolute ball wth the rest of the run folks.  (I'm off to find skiffle playlists on spotify!)