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The Producers

will be our next production at Bob Hope Theatre 21-24th March 2018  


Director: Jeanette Wallis

Musical Director: Ben Dovey

Choreographer: Shan Lawrence


First Get Together - 17th October 2017 19:30

At Lionel Road Community Centre, SE9 6DQ


Auditions at the same venue on

24th and 31st October 2017


Please contact if interested in auditioning.  We will be accepting new members.






Max Bialystock – You must “blow us away” at auditions.  Max is an over-the-top, high-energy, Professor Harold Hill/Tevye-type.  Once known as the King of Broadway, he’s become a producer of broadway flops.  He raises money for his shows by romancing wealthy little old ladies.  Should appear to be late 40’s/early 50’s..stocky, but has to be able to move around a lot.  Always has an answer, always has a plan.  A quick-talker, but you don’t miss a word he saysPerhaps one of the best roles ever written for a comic lead.

Vocal Range – Bari-Tenor

Dance – Moderate.  Must be able to move and have good stamina.


Leopold Bloom – A lovable nerd that can sing, dance and act.  He is a meek (and wimpy at times,) law-abiding and courteous accountant.believes he should do everything by the book.  Has always dreamed of being a broadway producer.  An absolute contrast to Max, character-wise and physically.  Should appear to be in his 30’s, tallish, slender, neat and clean.

Vocal Range – Bari-Tenor  

Dance- Moderate-Heavy. Tap experience would be great. Big ballroom dance with Ulla.


Franz Liebkind – Yikes!  Franz is a German nazi who now resides in New York and has written the play, “Springtime for Hitler” a tribute to his hero.

This is the play that Max hopes to produce that will be a sure-fire flop.  When we first meet Franz, he is seen wearing lederhosen, army boots and an army helmet while singing to his collection of singing carrier pigeons.  He is a nut!  Franz must be able to do a German accent that we can understand clearly.  Can appear to be in his 30’s-40’s.

Vocal Range - Baritone

Dance- Light-Moderate. More character dancing than anything else.


Roger DeBris – The over-the-top flamboyant director that Max has chosen to direct Springtime for Hitler (he’s looking for the worst director to create the biggest flop.) When we first meet Roger, he is wearing a silverish gown that he’ll be wearing to a costume ball (he’s going as the Grand Duchess, Anastasia).  He at first declines to direct the show because it’s too serious, but eventually agrees, providing they can “Keep It Gay” (he wants to rewrite the play so that Hitler wins and it has a happy ending!)  Roger should appear to be late 30’s/early 40’s.  Must show over-the-top stereotypical flamboyant director traits.

Vocal Range - Tenor

Dance-  Light – Moderate


Carmen Ghia – This is Roger’s common-law assistant.and is as flamboyant as Roger Together, he and Roger make for an hysterical

couple, arguing cattily yet exchanging winks from time to time.  Carmen should appear to be about the same age as Roger, perhaps a bit smaller in stature than Roger.

Vocal Range – Second Tenor

Dance- Moderate.


Ulla – A knock-out, sexy, tall blonde Swedish woman.  (we can work on the blondemight have to make concessions for the tallbut MUST be sexy)

Must be able to read with a stereotypical Swedish accentShe comes to audition for the show, Max & Leo hire her as a receptionist/secretary, though her limited English allows her to say little more than “Bialystock and Bloom..”  Her song, “When You Got It, Flaunt It’ characterizes her quite nicely!

Vocal Range – Second Soprano

Dance- Moderate-Heavy. Has a dance solo (If you can do splits that would be great) Big ballroom number with Leo.


Other minor character parts:


The Usherettes – 2 girls open the show and Act 2-3 with the song titled

“Opening Night”


Hold Me Touch Me – one of the many old ladies who help finance Max’s creations.  She has a very funny scene with him in his office.  She needs to be able to look and sound as if she’s 75-80 years oldgreat character part.


Mr. Marks – Leopold Bloom’s grouchy, condescending boss at the accounting firm.  


Roger DeBris’s Team:  

Bryan the set designer (Tenor), Kevin the costume designer (bari-tenor), Scott the choreographer (MUST BE ABLE TO DANCE), all as flamboyant as Roger and Carmenhave solo lines in song “Keep it Gay,” along with Shirley Markowitz, the lighting designer.a very “butch” woman who also likes to keep it gay.(Alto)


Hitler Auditioners:

Jack Lapidus – auditions with “A Wandering Minstrel I” (Tenor)

Donald Dinsmore – auditions with “The Little Wooden Boy” (but never gets

to actually sing)

Jason Green – auditions with “Have You Ever Heard the German Band”


The Storm Trooper/Tenor – sings “Springtime for Hitler” theme song – awesome opportunity for a strong tenor


The Police Sergeant

Three Patrolmen


The Guard in the Prison


Judge in the Courtroom

Foreman of the Jury


The Prison Trustee


Ensemble Numbers:


Opening Night – 6 First-nighter couples who have come to see Max’s latest flop, “Funny Boy, A New Musical of Hamlet”


“King of Old Broadway” – A newspaper vendor, two nuns, two workmen, a blind man, a bum, a bag lady, a cop, two “street walkers” and their escort

(the usherettes will be in this, too)

**Dance is a spoof on Fiddler so everyone needs to have good moving capabilities.


“I Wanna Be a Producer” – 6 accountants, 12 or so show girls that can tap

** Dance is a huge Tap number. Don’t worry, I will get you to where I need you to be but Tap experience is a must!

Pigeon Puppeteers – Franz has 8 pigeons (puppets) that accompany him.

Will need 4 people


Other members of Roger’s household.

Sabu – the houseboy, wears a loin cloth and turban

An Indian in full dress, a sailor and a sun-glassed policeman (yup, just like the Village People!) All sing along in “Keep It Gay” Reprise

** Dance is heavy. All should bee able to move. Lots of “character” dancing!


“Along Came Bialy” - The Old Ladies in Little Old Lady Land – all ensemble – women AND men will become little old ladies for this number.

**Dance is heavy here. The taps are on the walkers but everyone needs to have a sense of rhythm. I’ll get you to where I need you to be! Really fun dance number!!


The Auditions for Hitler in “Springtime for Hitler” – an assortment of dancing and singing auditioners


“Springtime for Hitler” – German peasants; tapping storm-troopers (male and female); 4 showgirls with large headdresses (and Ulla is a 5th); The Heilo’s – a chorus of two women/three men who dance/sing a latino-sounding piece; (some of the peasants may become storm-troopers for the big finale)

**This dance has lots going on. There is tap, and everything else in between. There is a place for everyone!


“Til Him” - The courtroom scene – a small jury of 5; a handful of old ladies


“Prisoners of Love” – Male and female prisoners in prison garb

*Dance is moderate- heavy. Starts with men, then goes to women, then a combo of the both!





Synopsis Roger Carmen Ghia Leopald Bloom Franz Liebkind Max bialistock Ulla Screenshot_20171009-173955 Screenshot_20171009-173814