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Musical Productions



South London's award-winning amateur dramatics society

Performing since 1924.  NODA affiliated


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Eldorado (2)


was our next production at Bob Hope Theatre

9th - 12th October 2019.  


Director: Simon Clifton


We are very happy to announce our cast for Terry Pratchell's Maskerade is as follows:


Granny Weatherwax      -             Andree Jordan

Nanny Ogg                     -             Jan Ho

Agnes Nitt                       -             Sarah Pinel

Walter Plinge                  -             Ben Guindi

Christine                         -             Kirstine Brett

Mr Salzella                     -              Rob Tizzard

Seldom Bucket               -              John Adcock

Andre                              -              Myles Ballisat

Henry Slugg                    -              Stuart Pinel


The Ensemble


Greebo/Tommy Cripps   -              Manni Dhesi

Mrs Plinge                      -              Diane Hickman

Dr Undershaft/Visit         -              Dave Jordan

Mr Pounder/Nobby         -              Bryan Randall

Danny Pitcher                 -              Mr Goatburger

Arno (Mrs)                       -              Diane Adcock

Giselle                             -              Katrina Summerfield

Collette&Solange             -              Maria Berry

Basilica’s manager           -              Robin Collett



Tickets will be available from from 1st July 2019.

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