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Performing since 1924.  NODA affiliated


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March 2024 - Sister Act

Wow!!!! What a fabulous show!! I think it is my favourite one of yours! So so funny! West End quality!

James: Fantastic!  Stunning! What a Sister Act!

Arunan: It was excellent!

Eddy: Great energy and entertainment. Well done to all.

John: Congratulations to everyone involved in Eldorado Musical Productions Sister Act. A great evening's entertainment. Deloris, you were fabulous.  Not forgetting Sophie. I've loved The Life I Never Led for a while now, not knowing where it came from. You sang it beautifully. Also Andy in fine voice.

Ben: Just come back from watching it. Was fantastic! Calling it amateur does not do it justice 

Alan: Fabulous show we enjoyed it very much . Congratulations to Will and cast 

Elfrida: Wow what a performance! Had everyone laughing and clapping and whooping. Fantastic singing and acting. Great comedy. Well done to everyone who took part.

Kirsty: Absolutely brilliant show! Very funny, fabulous singing! Well done everyone

Anna: Great show- really loved it.  Well done, it was such a good production ❤

Lisa:  I think it was your best show ❤xx

Leanne: last nights show was absolutely brilliant!!! Amazing voices and a very upbeat energy throughout with lots of laughs. So happy we came to support you as it was a very nice evening.

Cindy: The main 'Sisters' were outstanding with lovely clear & funny vocals. People are getting the word of the Lord🤣and are so impressed with the quality of Eldorado shows. It's heartwarming to be a small cog in this amazing show.

Sue: The Ladies from Petts Wood WI thought the show was absolutely amazing  they thought that Aimee was a professional singer (well you would think that wouldn’t you) The sound and lighting let us down a bit some of the mics were not on, Barbara mentioned that last night.  But the were all very enthusiastic about the show and wanted to know when the next one was

Mel: Well done everyone for last night you all smashed it! Really enjoying my first show with you guys! You have all made me feel so welcome! Break a leg for tonight x

Liam: My parents absolutely loved it said its incredible what we can do on stage bearing in mind we did it in our free time and they also loved the band

Bobby: Last night was another special experience where I watched alot of friends and new faces perform another brilliant version of 'Sister Act the Musical'. So many brilliant performances too.many to mention. Dolores was truely "fabulous Baby", Sophie Hughes singing like an angel, Jeanette Wallis comedy rap was epic, Sue Wootton stern and emotional portrail, Natalie Jo bringing the laughs, Andy Noakes loveable and funny etc etc. The whole cast, choreography, the band, sound, costume, staging, lighting and technical team made this show a great success in every way and I'm so glad I got to see it. Well done also to Will Hawkes for successfully directing your first show you would not of known and no easy feat so a very well done. Topped off last night with a standing ovation at the end that was so very well deserved. If you have a ticket you are in for a treat . Well done Eldorado you deserve all the praise for this great feel good show. Enjoy the rest of the run!

Maria: A thoroughly enjoyable evening at the Bob Hope Theatre watching Eldorado’s Sister Act. A real feel good show. A huge well done to everyone involved. You looked like you were all having as much fun up there as we were watching. Have to give a special mention to Delores. You were truly FAB-U-LOUS. Lovely to catch up with people. Enjoy the rest of the week guys

Leah: Well to dad that’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen you do and I was jealous I wasn’t up there with you

Debs: My friends said the show was 'bloody brilliant' and that Deloris was 'amazing' and 'what a voice!' One friend said she 'was smiling and laughing from the beginning to the end'.

Susan: My friends and family who came tonight enjoyed it immensely Dolores was brilliant what a fantastic voice also loved  mother superior and loved all the set changes with nuns who obviously thought were brilliant because I was one haha

Lisa: We really did enjoy it - loved it, in fact. The West End can keep Beverley Knight & their cast - we've got our Deloris Van Cartier and fab cast of our own. Fab, fab, night! You're more than welcome. Looking forward to the next event! xxx 

Gill: My husband and friends absolutely loved the show. They thought we were all brilliant! It was an incredible reaction, I've never seen them so enthusiastic! 

Pete: I honestly think my 17 yr old daughter is thinking about joining after seeing last night’s show she hasn’t been on stage since Hulviz last did a show at the Bob hope 6 yrs ago

Cindy: My son & girlfriend loved it! & were bowled over by Deloris! They loved the energy & humour. And some of my team came expecting an amateur show & were delighted at the quality of the set, costumes & vocals & have fallen in love with the soundtrack

Carol: Thoroughly enjoyed this tonight, well done to everyone, some Fabulous performances. Brought back a lot of memories from 2015 when we did it before. Couple of technical hitches (good emergency rebooting Sarah Pinel!) Hope it’s all smooth for the rest of the run. Well done Will Hawkes for directorial debut and please pass my congratulations to ‘Deloris’.

Rose:  I really enjoyed myself and wish everyone a great week. Well done to all but especially Sue Wootton!!!

Jane: Really enjoyed your performance Katrina x well done x Enjoy the rest of the week

Leigh: Congratulations to the cast of Eldorado's Sister Act. A great evenings entertainment! Bravo! Enjoy the rest of the run.

Barbara: The cast were brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did the audience.

Karen: Congratulations, Sister Act was absolutely brilliant tonight. Everyone was really good, especially Deloris and Mother Superior. Mum and Dad loved it and said you couldn't have got a better show if we'd seen it in the West End. Well done!

Elaine: Tonight we saw Sister Act at the BHT performed by Eldorado. Really enjoyed seeing old friends treading the boards again. I love Sister Act and tonight just added to my love. Deloris blew me away - what a star especially singing the title song.

Helena: Words cannot express how proud I am of the man I’m so privileged to call my fiancé, on this, the opening night of his directorial debut: Eldorado’s centenary production Sister Act at the Bob Hope Theatre. And what a show to have as your first time directing! And with a totally sold out run! You don’t like to make things easy on yourself, and it’s so easy for people sitting in the audience to overlook everything that goes into the planning and realisation of a show like this and people who have worked tirelessly to make this whole show happen over the last 6 months, as well as the outstanding cast of course. My only regret is that I can’t be there beside you every night of the run… and that I have to wait all the way until the last performance to get to see it! Congratulations my darling on what I know is going to be an amazing show, and break a leg to all of my Eldorado family

October 2023 - A Bunch of Amateurs

Maria Wade:  I thoroughly enjoyed it. The cast have worked so hard learning a heap of lines and bringing the comedy out in this very funny play. Some great performances.

If you haven’t got a ticket yet, then don’t miss out on a fun evening at the Bob Hope Theatre next week

Diane Adcock: Back home now after a fun evening spent watching A Bunch of Amateurs. Some great performances not only from the principals, but also the journalists, who doubled as a very swift and silent stage crew. Well done to all the cast at to Barbara Archer for her direction. Good luck for the rest of the week.

Rose Walker: Just back home after a fun evening spent watching A Bunch of Amateurs. Lots of laughs and some great performances. Huge well done to Carol Macfarlane (oh my goodness what a lot of dialogue you have had to master!) and all the rest of the cast as well as Barbara Archer for her direction. Good luck for the rest of the week or should I say break a leg!

Marion Terry: Thank you for a very enjoyable evenings entertainment of A Bunch of Amateurs at The Bob Hope Theatre. Well done to all the cast and the director Barbara Archer.

Rob Tizzard: What a great show! Totally captures the atmosphere of rural amdram from curtains up. Some wonderful contrasting characters playing off each other with delight. Particularly good are 'Denis' spouting health and safety and hero worship with a glorious accent throughout, 'Lauren' manages to brighten every scene to the max on entrance and 'Nigel' wonderfully 'actoring' his way through the entire show is a joy. With such a small cast there's a lot for the leads to carry but they do an amazing job of giving the audience a light hearted story with a lot of hidden depth which most in the modern age can relate to. Go see it before it's gone or you will miss a lovely show!

Adrian: Once you know this is about a fading Hollywood star who finds himself playing King Lear with a village group of amateur thesps and not at Stratford-upon-Avon as he was led to believe, you can pretty well write the rest yourself, but none the worse for that. Wayne Lawrence captured both Steele’s obnoxious swagger and the weakness and uncertainty behind it. The ‘bunch of amateurs’ were well delineated, with several comic touches, and Clive Madel stole the audience’s heart as the Fool. There were rather a lot of pauses between scenes for fussy scenery changes and some of the dialogue needed tightening up; but this was an enjoyable and entertaining production.

Star Star: An interesting production with some great performances of cliched ‘amateurs’, Paul Booer’s flamboyant, OTT Nigel, who considers himself the star, Sharon’s sexually frustrated, and later jealous, ‘mature’ Mary, gave us some poignant and very humorous moments, whilst Carol as the director gave a beautifully balanced performance as a skilled negotiator of her cast and their ‘moments’. Wayne’s Jefferson Steele, the American film star unwittingly assigned to the group, thinking he was with the RSC at Stratford, held the stage and showed in his Lear at the end a great depth of feeling, as he had done earlier with a strong performance from Helena as his estranged daughter. Unfortunately... the gaps with all the scene changes seemed to slow it down... In the second Act however the gaps were filled by Clive’s very funny Fool singing Feste’s ‘The Wind & the Rain’, a brilliant inventive touch, as more costume got added, that brought him a round of applause after each exit.

29th March - 1st April 2023

Lisa - What a cracking show - well done Eldorado.

Linda - Thank you for the most fantastic show, our thanks to Maria for such an amazing direction, to all the cast and backstage, wardrobe, band etc. Thank you is not enough and hope the rest of the week is as successful Linda.

Andy - Congratulations to Maria and her cast and crew at Eldorado for very enjoyable evening's entertainment with The Addams Family. Saw a few familiar faces in the audience as well which was nice.

Allan -  A wonderful show with some cracking performances. Brought a smile to my face from start to finish.

William - it was brilliant - really funny. We haven't seen an Eldorado show for a number of years as we moved away but I'm even looking forward to the next one now!

Maria - You were all so fab I wish I could watch all of the performances! 

Jeanette - Huge congratulations to the cast, creatives and crew of The Addams Family. Great evening's entertainment. You all looked so fab Enjoy the rest of the run. Lotsa love to you all xxx

Pat - Well done everyone. Great characters and a fun show. Congratulations

Mrs Hawkes - "the whole show was good, it took me a long time to spot people I knew because of the costumes and makeup... but my electrician is the star of the show. He looked so handsome and was definitely the best one"

Jan -  I have just come home from seeing The Addams Family by Eldorado at the Bob Hope Theatre. It was absolutely superb and the best show I have seen  anywhere in years!! ❤ I am completely bowled over by the standard of the whole show from acting, costumes, props etc, not to mention the suoerb singing and live music - all incredible!! I feel tempted to sign up, even if it is just to sweep the floors 😁


Lyn -  It was lovely to see such good friends on stage again , Shan Lawrence, Wayne Lawrence, Stephen Milton, Diane Adcock, Katrina Summerfield. Well done also to Maria Wade for directing and Jackie Templeton for stage managing .

Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the run.

Gary - Well Done to all in Eldorado Musical Productions and Maria Wade Adams Family tonight great seeing you all on stage again you were fabulous Stephen Milton Diane Adcock Katrina Summerfield Shan Lawrence Natalie Jo Wayne Lawrence and all of the cast x congratulations enjoy the rest of the run

Sally - Congratulations to all involved in Eldorado Musical Productions ADDAMS FAMILY. Great show and we’ll done all. Shan Lawrence Katrina Summerfield and many others I can’t tag. You were all fab x

Hannah - We saw the show last night! It was fantastic we loved it! Enjoy the rest of the shows!

Sabrina - Amazingly brilliant show shout out to the amazing cast the vocals were amazing and all the ancestors keeping to there characteristics were brilliant. The staging was brilliant and my favourite song was move toward the darkness which made me tear up and made me want to be with you all.

Guy I just wanted to say how much Jan and I enjoyed 'The Addams Family' last night. Just the most superb wonderful production. Every member of the cast was fantastic as was the set and production, Just wow! Please pass our congratulations on to the entire team.

Paul - Went to see the Addams family show at the Bob. Hope theatre last night. A great show and well done to all the cast. Good effort.Shan Lawrence. Katrina Summerfield. Maria Wade and Wayne as the lead.

Rhianna - my little Bertie is disappointed it's sold out! We came to see it on Wednesday and he wants to go again he loved it so much… you were so brilliant Stephen!

Sarah - The Addams Family was bloody brilliant, well done all of you. Trudi, you were the best ghost by far! and Uncle Fester was hillarious.

Lisa - Loved the show but Pugsley was AMAZING- we discovered we were sat in front of his grandparents and family too - absolutely brilliant for an 11 year old! We also loved Gomez, Uncle Fester and Morticia. How did Gomez/Wayne learn all that dialogue and do all that singing/acting/stage - he was great 👍 Just brilliant production all round. Loved it 

Julie - You make a very good dead Egyptian Katrina. Brilliant show. Loved every minute

Dom - 

And so, like all good things must, Eldorado Musical Productions Addams Family has come to and end. A real privilege for me to get to work with such a genuinely lovely warm and welcoming society. This week has just been full of laughter and joy. Am Dram as it should be.

Special shout outs to my crew, who cracked on and delivered. Couldn’t have asked of more from them. Am still not sure we had enough sweets tho! Jackie, who as ever I am indebted to for her advice and guidance all things stage management. Finally Maria. You have been brilliant to work with and you should be very proud of what you have created.

Sarah - We loved it! It was so professional! Great costumes and set... Brilliant acting. It was totally fantastic 
Thankyou so much for your invitation. We had a great time


Rose - I’ve had a brilliant day. Selling programmes this afternoon , catching up with some old friends and then sitting back and enjoying being thoroughly entertained by the Addams Family. Huge congratulations to everyone involved. You all richly deserved the full houses and cheering audiences. What a joyous show. I just knew from the first get together that it would be wonderful and it was!!!

Brenda  - Well done, Eldorado - up to your usual high standard; why else would I drive all the way from feckin Stevenage?! Lots of love to all - hope your get-out goes smoothly and enjoy the after-show

Susan - Excellent show tonight. We thoroughly enjoyed it xx

Paris - Amazing show so far Eldorado Musical Productions special shout out to Jo-Jo, Natalie, Stephen, Will and Shan and Wayne of course! Well done Maria Wade on an excellent show!

Roger - Saturday night I went with my family to see it. It was one of the best musicals I have seen. It is up with the West End, the orchestra was excellent. Thank you for making an old man very  happy and my family. We didn't stop talking about it on the way home


Richard - I came to see The Addam's Family on the first night.  One week later, I still cannot forget about this wonderful musical. Best wishes for future production's!

Julia - We have been going to this theatre for around 8 years now and every production we have seen has never failed to impress us. The prices are amazing for the quality of shows. We saw The Addams Family last Saturday and it felt like a west-end production. Would highly recommend.

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